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FREE Shipping on all orders $100 & Up!
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Wax Melts

Sassy Signature Collection

Why Buy Sassy Flamingo?

Our Vegan, Eco-Friendly, non-toxic candles are made from our special blend of coconut and apricot luxury wax.  This coconut blend ensures an even, longer burn than other harmful waxes and has superior scent throw compared to traditional soy candles.

Our "clean" fragrances are masterfully blended with essential oils, and are free of Phthalate and parabens!

Sassy Flamingo's Crackling Wood Wicks are FSC Certified as sustainably sourced wood. Our clean burning wicks are free of harmful chemicals keeping the air in your home safe and produce minimal to zero sooting!

Let's not forget about wax melts! Our highly regarded all natural Soy Tart Wax is one of the hardest in consistency, allowing more fragrance load, giving you a stronger longer wax melt for your money! 

All of our products are handmade, responsibly vetted and sourced in an effort to reduce our carbon foot print!